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WoodLand Military Tactical Boots


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Quick Overview

Manufactured from a combination of a hydrophobic, smooth, easy cleaning, waterproof leather. Together with the strong tried and tested waterproof fabric – Сordura. This material is difficult to damage, fully resistant and impervious to moisture. It has the properties of leather, however much thinner, enabling us to make the boots less cumbersome and yet lighter on the foot.



The color we manufacture this boot in is a military Khaki. Chosen for its adaptability to blend in to many environments such as  urban, forest and desert

The boot has a two component sole ( rubber + polyurethane) which is both elastic and also has high dampening properties, together with a high coefficient of resistance to both abrasion and temperature .

The sole is attached using a water resistant polyurethane adhesive. The valve or tongue is is of a broad width design preventing the penetration of moisture inside the shoe and the height is also designed for speed when putting on the boots.

For the colder climate or season this boot is manufactured using a modern technology insulated membrane. Namely the synthetic insulation Tepor (prototype “Gore-Tex.”) This material is not only hydrophobic but also a highly efficient insulator retaining the warmth inside the boot and keeping moisture out, whilst allowing the foot to breath. Comfortable temperatures for use are from +10 to -20.

This boot can also be manufactured to order for warmer climates or seasons without the additional insulation.



Uppers –  A combination of a hydrophobic  leather, (typical thickness 1.6 – 1.8 mm.) and the highly durable fabric, Cordura

Soles – A two-component rubber and polyurethane . Attached with a high strength, water resistant polyurethane adhesive.

Insoles – A high strength, tear resistant, heat insulating fiber board. Removable for easy cleaning

Lacing –  High efficiency and designed for speed of lacing.

Symbolism – Trident & Tape Flag

Valve / Tongue – A broad width design.

Linings –  (several options are available)

1) Modern membrane with Tepor insulation ( prototype Gore-Tex 10 – 20)

2) Volume Mesh

Color – Khaki.

Sizes (Ukrainian) – 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45. (Please look in our table of sizes or how to measure your individual foot size).

Delivery –  7-10 working days. (subject to stock)

Order via are website or contact one of our consultants for more information.