We are a Ukrainian company based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Specialising in the retail of quality brand footwear, including military tactical boots.

Our footwear, designed and proven in battle conditions by the armed forces of Ukraine including the infantry, paratroopers, artillery, tanks and scouts, The national guard, battalions of Donbas and Aidar Also the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps at the defense of Donetsk airport.

All reviews using our footwear (including military boots) you can find on our Facebook page. We currently supply various voluntary organisations such as Combat UA, Wings of the Phoenix, Vilni lyudy, Come back alive, Democratic Alliance assistance and many others. We are in constant contact with voluntary organizations and foundations ready to fulfill their requirements at a moments notice.

We are working on many new and exciting designs including footwear for civil and urban purposes and constantly strive to improve the quality and characteristics of our products. We also on occasion flexible on price and are always open to your ideas, suggestions and comments. Our aim is to expand the dealer network. Hence we are constantly looking for new partners.